Latino Premiere Club Gives CBS’ Reckless a Thumbs Up

On Wednesday, June 25 the Latino Premiere Club (LPC) held its initial screening partnering with CBS to screen it’s summer TV show Reckless on the CBS lot.  In attendance were over two dozen of LPC members, all Latino influencers from a cross section of the Latino community.

CBS’s Tiffany Smith-Anoa’I, Vice President, Diversity & Communications and her staff hosted the successful evening that began with a pre-reception attended by CBS executives, Reckless executive producer, Kim Moses (Ghost Whisperer) and actor Adam Rodriguez who stars as detective Preston Cruz of the Charleston PD.

Alex Nogales, President of the National Hispanic Media Coalition and Bel Hernandez, Executive Director of the LatinHeat Media Institute whose organizations have partnered to create the LPC served as co-host for the evening.  The private and small gathering allowed all in attendance to personally meet and chat with Adam and Kim before the screening.

Set in Charleston, South Carolina, Reckless centers on a relocated Chicago lawyer, Jamie Sawyer (Anna Wood) and city attorney, Roy Rayder (Cam Gigandet). Rodriguez plays Preston Cruz, a homicide detective and romantic partner of lead character Jamie Sawyer.

The Q&A session after the screening gave the attendees an opportunity to learn more about the casting decision to bring Rodriguez on board, and the upcoming expanded storyline in which Rodriguez’s character will be prominently featured.

All in all the reaction of the LPC was a positive one with the majority of the members recommending support for the show.  Most importantly this was an opportunity for a first hand look at how network shows are featuring Latino talent and the kinds of roles being written, allowing LPC members an opportunity to personally offer their input.

The Latino Premiere Club, an exclusive membership organization whose goal is to ensure Latinos are fairly and accurately included in film and television got off to a great start! Reckless airs Sundays 10/9c on CBS


On July 20, 2012 the National Hispanic Media Coalition and Latin Heat Media presented their first Latino influencer screen as part of the NHMC’s MediaCon which was held at the in Pasadena, CA.

The audience saw an advance screening to End of Watch, which would open a month later on September 21. Director David Ayer (Training day, The Fast and the Furious) was accompanied by cast members of the film, Michael Peña, Natalie Martinez and Nick Chacon. Jake Gyllenhall the other lead was unable to attend but sent a special recorded message to the audience.

The screening was a big success as was the movie which went on to make $13.15 million the first weekend and $41 million domestically. The 2013 American Moviegoing report released in January of 2013 by Nielsen National Research Group cited “3D animated Hotel Transylvania and cop thriller End of Watch as two of the most successful movie in luring Latino audiences to the multiplex in 2012.