How to Help Get the Word Out:

1. Share your support:

  • Tell your friends and family to tune in to the premiere of Jane the Virgin Monday, October 13 at 9/8c on the CW.
  • Post the Jane The Virgin Facebook cover as your cover page on premiere day.
  • Take a selfie by a Jane the Virgin poster/billboard/commercial or on your TV  and post on Facebook, Twitter,Instagram, Vine, or any social media and share, share, share!

2. Follow ‘Jane the Virgin’ on social media:

  • LIKE their Facebook page:
  • Tweet to:     @CWJaneTheVirgin
  • Post on Instagram:  cwjanethevirgin
  • Gina Rodriguez Twitter: @hereisgina
  • Jaime Camil Twitter: @jaimecamil
  • Andrea Navedo Twitter: @AndreaNavedo
  • Ivonne Coll Twitter: @ivonne_coll
  • Justin Baldoni Twitter: @justinbaldoni
  • Yael Grobglas Twitter: @yaelgrobglas
  • Brett Dier Twitter: @Brettdier

USE HASHTAGS:   #JaneTheVirgin     #LatinoTVwave     #LatinoPremiereClub

3. Encourage Friends, family to “LIKE/Friend/Tweet to the Jane the Virgin Social Media links

4. Learn more about Jane The Virgin’s cast and crew at

Sample Tweets:


I’m tuning in to @CWJaneTheVirgin Oct. 13 at 9pm/8c! #JaneTheVirgin #LatinoTVwave

The Thrill of the Telenovela @CWJaneTheVirgin Oct. 13 9pm/8c experience it!  #JaneTheVirgin #LatinoTVwave

@CWJaneTheVirgin is unbelievable, way out there and so good!  Catch it Oct. 13 9pm/8c.  #JaneTheVirgin  #LatinoTVwave

Get addicted to @CWJaneTheVirgin starting on Oct. 13 9pm/8c #JaneTheVirgin  #LatinoTVwave

@CWJaneTheVirgin Viewing Party – Let make our own telenovela.  Watching Oct. 13th 9/8c

What do get w/ a Virgin, Baby Daddy, Wild Mom, stern Grandma & Telenovela Star? @CWJaneTheVirgin Oct 13 9pm/8c #JaneTheVirgin




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